Live Leven is committed to preserving the privacy ofall visitors to websites (the "Websites") owned or controlled by LiveLeven.Please read the following privacy policy to understand how LiveLeven uses andprotects information that you provide as a result of accessing the Websites. Byregistering or making any reservation via the Websites you consent to thecollection, use and transfer of your information under the terms of thispolicy. If after reviewing this policy you have any questions or privacyconcerns please send an e-mail to info@liveleven.com.Information that we collect from youWhen you visit, register or order products orservices on the Websites you may be asked to provide certain information aboutyourself ("personally identifiable information") so that we canprovide you with a particular service. For example, if you would like to make areservation at our hotel, we will ask you for information such as your name,address, telephone number, e-mail address, credit card number, and roompreference to process your reservation. We will use your e-mail address to senda confirmation and, if necessary, might use the other information to contactyou for help to process the reservation. We may also use your e-mail address tonotify you about special offers and promotions as described in the Emailsection of this policy, but you can opt out of e-mails at any time by followingthe procedures outlined in that section of this statement.


The Websites do not collect personally identifiable information from your computer when you browse them and request pages from our servers. This means that, unless you voluntarily and knowingly provide us with personally identifiable information, we will not know your name, your e-mail address, or any other information about you. When you request a page from theWebsites, our servers log the information provided in the HTTP request header including the IP number, the time of the request, the URL of your request and other information that is provided in the HTTP header. We collect the HTTP request header information in order to make the Websites function correctly. We also use this information to better understand how visitors use the Websites and how we can improve their content and functionality.

Use of Information

The personally identifiable information you provideto us will be used to enable us to provide a particular product or service suchas making a reservation. If you cancel your reservation, the information isstored for record-keeping purposes only and is not accessed again. After makinga reservation or completing your stay at one of our hotels, unless you tell usotherwise, the information you provide may be used by us for direct marketingof other products and services provided by LiveLeven or the products andservices of selected reputable third parties with whom LiveLeven has astrategic marketing relationship because they offer products or services thatwe believe would of interest to you. If you do not wish to receive thisinformation, you may indicate so by accessing the unsubscribe link. We haveimplemented technical, managerial, and operational security, rules, proceduresand measures, to ensure that your personal information is held within operatingenvironments that are not available to the public. We take steps to guardagainst unauthorised access, improper use, alteration, destruction, andaccidental loss of personal data. This includes rules for all our staff withaccess to the servers or databases that hold your personal information.Although we make every effort to create a secure environment for your personalinformation, we cannot guarantee the safety of any personal information youtransmit to us online.Securing the Transmission and Storage ofInformationWe treat the information you provide to us asconfidential information; it is, accordingly, subject to our company's securityprocedures and corporate policies regarding protection and use of confidentialinformation. When we ask you for credit card data it is transferred over aSecured Sockets Layer ("SSL") line provided you are using a SSLenabled browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. Wealso use SSL on other select pages where you would enter personallyidentifiable information. This ensures that your information is encrypted as ittravels over the Internet. This secure mode is enabled before any suchinformation is transmitted from your computer. You will know you are in securemode when the padlock or key icon in the lower right-hand or left-hand cornerof the computer screen appears in the locked position. In addition, whenaccessing a secure server, the first characters of the site address will changefrom "http" to "https." After information reaches us it isstored on a secure server that resides behind firewalls designed to blockunauthorised access.

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

LiveLeven uses the services of third parties, suchas e-mail service providers and marketing companies that act as agents on itsbehalf. These parties are contractually prohibited from using personallyidentifiable information for any purpose other than for the purpose LiveLevenspecifies. In addition, we may disclose your personally identifiableinformation to successors in title to our business. We do providenon-personally identifiable information to certain service providers for theiruse on an aggregated basis for the purpose of performing their contractualobligations to us. We prohibit the sale or transfer of personal information toentities outside of LiveLeven for their use without your approval.CookiesOur Websites use "cookie" technology."Cookies" are encrypted strings of text that a website stores on auser's computer. Our Websites require the use of a cookie throughout the onlinereservation process. Without cookies we will not be able to keep informationyou enter on multiple pages together. For example, unless our Websites canremember the dates you used in your hotel search we will not be able to checkroom availability. The types of cookies that we use are referred to as"session" cookies and "persistent" cookies. Session cookiesare temporary and are automatically deleted once you leave our Websites.Persistent cookies remain on your computer hard drive until you delete them. Wedo not use cookies to gather information concerning your visits to other sites,nor ascertain any personally identifiable information about you apart from whatyou voluntarily provide us in your dealings with us. Cookies do not corrupt ordamage your computer, programs, or computer files. In addition, the serviceproviders we use to serve and host our advertisements, and/or deliver oure-mails, use session and persistent cookies, to track the number of times ourWebsites are accessed and whether the sites were accessed from anadvertisement. Sometimes cookie technology is used to track the number of timesan advertisement is viewed. In all cases, the cookie generated from theadvertisement or e-mail does not contain any personally identifiableinformation and will remain on your hard drive until you delete it. You may setyour browser to block cookies (consult the instructions for your particularbrowser on how to do this), although doing so will adversely affect yourability to perform certain transactions, use certain functionality and accesscertain content on our Websites.

Pixel Tags

LiveLeven and its third party service providers usepixel tags (also known as "clear gifs", "beacon gifs",etc.). Pixel tags are not visible to the user of the Websites and consist of afew lines of computer coding. Pixel tags are not used to collect any personallyidentifiable information about you apart from what you voluntarily provide tous. LiveLeven and our e-mail service provider use pixel tags to track responsesto advertisements and website content and to determine your ability to receiveHTML-based email messages. Our e-mail service provider includes a pixel tag,which they refer to as a "coded sensor", in all of the HTML-basedmessages sent on our behalf. The sensor activates when the e-mail message isopened and flags the e-mail address of the user as one that is capable of receivingHTML-based e-mail messages. This capability helps our service provider to sendthe e-mail in a format you can read. The sensor does not collect or use anyother information. If you cannot receive HTML, you will not receive afunctioning sensor.

E-Mails about Special Offers,Promotions and Future Events

It is our intention to send you only e-mailcommunications that will be useful to you and that you want to receive. We mayperiodically contact you via e-mail and provide information about special offersand promotions that may be of interest to you. We use a third party e-mailservice provider to send e-mails. This service provider is prohibited fromusing your e-mail address for any purpose other than to send e-mail relating toour products and services. In addition, we may send you e-mail communicationsrelating to the promotions of select, reputable third parties with whom we havea strategic marketing relationship because they offer products or services thatwe believe would be of interest to you. If you do not wish to receive anye-mails, you will have the opportunity to opt-out of future emails by followingthe instructions provided in the e-mails. At your choice, you can use ourWebsites to opt-in to e-mail communications containing information of futureevents. LiveLeven will not use any information provided in response to suchcommunications for any unauthorised purposes.LinksOur Websites may contain links to other sites.Please be aware that LiveLeven is not responsible for the privacy practices andpolicies of such other sites. The policies set forth in this statement applyonly to the Websites and not to the websites of any other person.MinorsSafeguarding the personal information of childrenis very important to LiveLeven. We encourage children to ask a parent orguardian for permission before accessing our Websites. Where we have reasons tobelieve that a user is under the age of 18, we try to collect the minimumamount of personal information necessary for the effective operation of ourservices. We also endeavour not to share with third parties any personalinformation supplied by users believed to be aged under 18. In addition, we aimnot to send direct e-mail offers to users who indicate they are aged under 18.No information should be submitted to, or posted on, our Websites by visitorsunder the age of 18 without the consent of their parent or guardian.

ChangesIn the future, we may need to change this policy.All changes will be made here so that you will always know what information wegather, how we might use that information and whether we will disclose it toanyone.


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Registered company name: LiveLeven Limited
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Cancellation policy: free cancellation 48 hrs prior to arrival. Not applicablefor the non-refundable rate and special packages. All cancellations andmodifications made less than 48 hrs prior to arrival are subject to acancellation fee equivalent to the value of the entire stay.